Divorces Rarely Play Out As Depicted By Hollywood Or Reported By The Media

If you are in a failed marriage and have been considering filing for a divorce in Tennessee, much of your pent up anxiety about finally beginning the process may stem from, among other things, television divorce court fight hollywood the unknown. Many people assume that divorce involves spending an inordinate amount of time in a court room in front of a judge, soon to be ex-inlaws, and a gallery of strangers airing your private life. Although some divorce cases do indeed end up at trial, the reality is most divorces get resolved out of court.

While television and movies depict dramatic, epic divorce battles, in practice the reality is far more mundane, with most of the divorce work being handled not in court but in an office building. And the same can be said of the high profile, contentious divorce cases covered by the media. As validated by a recent CBS News Early Show series, though it may not make for exciting entertainment, family lawyers are far more likely to be involved in resolving the differences between the parties in a divorce case than a judge.


As I’ve previously written, divorce mediation is an alternative to consider for couples who wish to avoid a courtroom showdown. Mediation is a process in which a specially-trained, neutral third-party professional meets with a divorcing couple to direct them in resolving their disputes prior to going before a judge. Because the mediator is neutral, he or she will not advocate on behalf of either party and does not offer legal advice. The goal of mediation is to have both parties make concessions so that they can reach an agreement on their own in lieu of going to trial. Mediation is confidential which means the mediator cannot be called as a witness if a divorcing couple are unable to come to an agreement.

The most important step, however, in navigating your way through the divorce process with minimal contention, if possible, is acquiring the services of an experienced divorce lawyer. Contact attorney Donna Wagner to schedule a free consultation.


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