There may be no experience you will ever have to endure that will be more difficult than going through a divorce. Emotions can often get in the way of clear decision making and the stress of working through unfamiliar legal issues can quickly become overwhelming. Be sure that you have a qualified Mount Juliet divorce lawyer who can help you through this troubling time.

At The Law Office of Donna Wagner, I help men and women across Middle Tennessee who are considering divorce or have recently been served by their spouses to seek a fair settlement that fully accommodates their needs and the needs of their children. I have a complete understanding of the law in these matters, and I am committed to securing the best possible result on your behalf.

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Wilson County Child Custody Lawyer

I have experience handling all aspects of divorce, including child custody, child support and alimony, property division, modifications, enforcement and many others. When you hire me as your attorney, I will do everything in my power to see that you receive fair treatment under the law.

Some couples might consider a do-it-yourself divorce in an effort to save money on attorneys’ fees. This approach can create problems if both spouses are not completely familiar with their rights. Once a divorce agreement is accepted by the court, it becomes a binding order under the law. Before you finalize anything, it would be in your best interests to at least have a lawyer review the agreement and advise you of any potential issues.

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