Some Simple Dos And Don’ts During Divorce

It can sometimes be easy to get caught up in bad behavior during the divorce process because it can be emotionally overwhelming for all parties involved. If you are in the process of or considering a divorce divorcedontshere are some simple dos and don’ts to consider before you do something that you later regret:

  • Do not abuse social media. Today more and more people share carelessly a lot of information on Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites. It can be very tempting to share your relationship and divorce frustrations in an online public forum so you must understand your posts can reach a huge audience including unintentional recipients.  Always look at the internet as being written in permanent marker meaning even though you may have deleted a post, it’s still out there in the ether  and can be screencapped or saved.
  • This may seem contradictory to advice your friends or peers give you but there is merit to limiting how much you involve your family and friends during your divorce. Of course, no one expects you to go through divorce alone, but it’s sometimes good to keep a neutral perspective by not letting the emotions of others affect you. It’s not uncommon for relatives, such as a mother or father, to have very strong opinions, usually supporting your side. While your parent’s opinion may feel great, don’t let it distract you from making smart decisions during the divorce. It’s very important to be aware of keeping the tension between you and your spouse minimum. Sometimes that may mean biting your tongue or not engaging in new fights.
  • Stop looking back and focus on looking forward to your future. It is very normal that you need time to digest and process what has just happened in your life as you enter the divorce process. Some people take longer to do this than others, but in general, after a healthy grieving time, it’s time to move on. The best approach is to forgive yourself, forgive your partner and start looking ahead.
  • While it’s important to not be selfish, it’s also important to understand what you want and areas you can find agreement in your divorce. There are many Tennessee couples that want their marriage to end amicably and with both individuals feeling satisfied.  However, it’s very crucial that you do not accept any decisions that you do not fully understand. This is where an experienced family law attorney plays a key role in the divorce process. Be certain you understand every word in the divorce agreement you will have to sign.

If you are considering divorce, contact our attorney Donna Wagner today to schedule your consultation. Ms. Wagner is experienced in handling all kinds of divorces, and we will work with you to meet your needs in each of these areas

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