What To Do After Being Served Divorce Complaint In Tennessee

What should you do if you’ve been served with a divorce complaint and summons in Tennessee? It can be a confusing, chaotic and upsetting event especially if you were caught unaware. Though this event is understandably an emotionally taxing time, there are some concrete, important steps you should take to begin to respond to the divorce Divorce Complaint Summonsfiling.

First,  you should make note of when you received the divorce complaint and summons. The date that the papers are officially delivered to you is very important, and it will come into play later when determining the deadlines to file responsive documents with the court. Waiting too long to respond or missing key deadlines can profoundly harm your case, sometimes even forfeiting your legal rights.

The second thing  you should do is read through the paperwork that you received. Take a deep breath and try to absorb the information contained in the documents. Make note of what things you agree or disagree with, and begin making of list of all of the information that might be used to disprove your spouse’s allegations.

Third, you should look to see if there is a Motion for Temporary Relief attached to the summons and complaint. In some Tennessee divorce cases, the Plaintiff’s attorney will ask for a temporary hearing to have the court decide certain important issues such as custody and parenting time orders, visitation, restraining orders, the right to exclusive possession of a home, etc. Be sure to find out if such a hearing has been requested, as they usually have very tight deadlines and require immediate action on your part.

The final and most important thing you should do is schedule a consultation as soon as possible with a Tennessee family law attorney. Choose someone with experience and knowledge of the Tennessee divorce process, so that you can rely on your attorney during the complicated process of divorce. Contact our attorney, Donna Wagner, today if you have been served a divorce complaint and summons. Ms. Wagner is experienced in handling all kinds of divorces, and will work with you to meet your needs.

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