When Co-Parenting After Divorce Always Focus On The Child

Co-parenting after a divorce can be a very complex matter, especially if contention continues to exist between the parents. Much of what a child will experience depends on the interactions between the parents and howmtjulietfamilylawyerdivorce they treat one another. The following are a few best practices to always be mindful of as it relates to co-parenting.

Focus On The Psychological Well-Being Of The Child

It is always best to think of the child before acting with animosity toward your former husband or wife. Making negative comments to your child about the other parent can create lasting psychological issues and places the child in the middle of an adult stressful environment. Whenever important disagreements arise they should be expressed privately or  if necessary in the presence of a family law attorney who can then work to resolve the issue without involving the child.

Never Vent To Your Child

Finding a support group, talking to a friend or consulting a trained professional can provide a much needed release of any residual feelings surrounding your divorce with your former spouse. Doing so can keep your frustrations in check and keep you from being tempted to share your thoughts with your child, who is already dealing with his/her own feelings. Remember, if you speak badly about your ex, you are also saying negative things about your child’s parent. Whether intended or not, this behavior will place undue stress upon your child that can have lasting ramifications.

Be Cordial During Visits

To effectuate access, you may be required to drop off your child at a former spouse’s home. In addition to adhering to the written agreement, establishing a business like but courteous demeanor during the exchange will allow your child to focus on the quality time to be spent with the parent. If necessary, limit interaction with your ex during the drop-off to avoid arguments.

Many of the above situations require the consultation of a qualified  family law attorney you can trust. Donna Wagner is prepared to help you through the complicated maze of divorce co-parenting.

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